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Montibel·lo was started in 1967 by an expert in commerce, Francisco Muria, and a young and enterprising chemist , Francesc Adam (current General Managing Director), with an illusion to create and innovate some new product lines focused on hair care at a professional level.
Years later, the range was expanded, incorporating new product lines aimed at professional face and body treatments in Beauty Institutes and Salons.
It did not take Montibel·lo many years to position itself as the first completely Spanish Professional Cosmetics company and the absolute number one in number of clients and, therefore, in market penetration.
For many years now, millions of Spanish women have been habitually applying its most emblematic product, the hair dye (DIAPO AND CROMATONE), allowing Montibel·lo to become the national production leader in hair dyeing.
Montibel·lo is an important family-based company dedicated exclusively to Professional Cosmetics, with a great technological capability and a great will to expand and which, by the hand of all its excellent team, intends to continue in this ambitious line of development and growth which has defined it from the very first day.

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