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Montibel·lo Iniciative Shape Perm (500ml)

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Perm lotion formulated with Aloe Vera and moisturizing sugars, it is suitable for all hair types
Strong. Natural resistant hair. Well defined curl. Moisturization and softness.
Perm must only be neutralized using Iniciative Shape Neutraliser.

1. Wash hair and towel-dry.
2. Soak the hair with perm directly or roll the hair in curlers and soak them with the perm lotion (indirectly).
3.Development time is between 20 and 25 minutes. Exceeding the development time may be damaging.
4.Check that the curls are developing correctly.
5.Proceed to rinsing off without removing the curlers.
6.Neutralize, soaking the curlers in Iniciative Shape Neutraliser.

The new Iniciative Shape formula has been developed to provide outstanding moisture, softness and definition in addition to greater protection of the hair and skin.
Aloe Vera: This multifunctional moisturizing extract helps to prevent the damage and dehydration so common in permed hair. It nourishes and protects the fibre, increasing elasticity and shine for healthy-looking, manageable curls.
Moisturizing Sugars: These vegetable sugars help to restore the cuticle’s natural protective layer and reduce moisture loss during the perm service. Curls are stronger and more defined, and the hair is full of natural-looking movement and shine.
Conditioning Polymers: These advanced compound boost softness, silkiness and shine, improve combability on wet and dry hair, reduce flyaway and maintain the hair’s moisture levels

Get stronger curls with greater definition, increased moisture and shine, helps to prevent dehydration, hair looks and feels healthier.

Soft, Medium, Strong

SIZE: 500ml