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Montibel·lo Cromatone Meteorites Toner (3x60ml)

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Cream clay that corrects and purifies blondes or bleached hair of any unwanted nuance.
Illuminate and add a fashionable touch. Without Ammonia / Without power of clarification.
All Toners can be mixed together to achieve more personalized results.
The Moonstone Clear blend shade allows you to dilute the toner to customize the desired pastel intensity.

Mix: 1 + 1. Mix exclusively with Oxibel Activating Cream 2% (7 Vol.) Apply with a brush on damp hair to better control the result.
Always start with the areas that require more nuance. In very porous hair, it is recommended that the professional carefully and constantly observe the development of color in the hair throughout the exposure time. Exposure time: between 5 and 15 min.

Thanks to its dual Lumiplex Technology that combines light micropigments (Lumidust technology) with the rejuvenating power of plex 2.0 technology, blondes appear purer with a halo of luminosity, a silk effect and a supreme satin shine.

The first and only blonde platform that brightens and rejuvenates hair.
It incorporates lighting and rejuvenation results thanks to the Hair Strobing application technique, the makeup technology applied to hair coloring that, through exclusive and personalized techniques, projects light onto the hair to create luminosity, three-dimensionality and a contouring effect.
Detox effect: Purifies the hair of any unwanted nuance. Corrects and eliminates color imperfections.
Uniform the color. Fashion effect: 6 new shades that illuminate, unify and add a fashionable touch. 1 blend tone to customize the intensity of the hue.

SIZE: 3X60ml