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Montibel·lo Morphosse Pre-Treatment Shampoo- Phase 1 (500ml)

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A hair pre-treatment shampoo which deeply cleanses the hair, preparing it for the hair smoothing process. In addition to the OLEO KERATIN TECHNOLOGY, it contains vegetable emollient ingredients derived from coconut and palm trees.

Apply the product on wet hair, massage in, allow to act and rinse. Proceed to a second application, now rinsing thoroughly. Paraben-free.

GLX: A natural hydroxy acid which is to be found in green fruits, young leaves and in the mushroom micelles.
• Acts by creating new bonds in the keratin proteins, giving the hair body and rigidity without breaking their strong bonds.
• Additionally, it nourishes and restores the hair fibre, helping to keep the hair smooth for longer.
Natural Keratin specially adapted to integrate with the hair.
• Acts by filling the holes in the hair keratin chains.
Gives the hair fibres consistency.
Argan Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 6).
• Acts by nourishing and protecting the hair.
• has a lubricating action which minimises the friction between the hair fibres and prevents hair frizziness.
• It makes the natural movement easier, giving shine and softness.