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Montibel·lo Smart Touch Time To Detox Mask

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TIME TO DETOX is an anti-pollution and antioxidant detox mask.
The ally against pollution. Its protective shield, a key agent in the detoxification of fatigued, overstressed and accumulated damage hair.
Ideal to oxygenate the scalp and hair suffocated by the load of impurities, pollution, and natural styling factors.
Time To Detox purifies and revitalizes, recovering hair and offering the shine and softness of healthy hair.
TIME TO DETOX is part of the new SMART TOUCH range: the passport to a new level of hair beauty.

Create a unique experience with TIME TO DETOX.
Follow the application mode: Open the packaging and unfold the cap that contains the mask inside.
Shampoo your hair and rinse it out. Remove excess moisture with a towel. Roll up your hair and tuck it into the hat with the flap facing forward.
Help yourself to the sticker to keep the hat firm. Massage it gently to better distribute the mask.
Relax and let it act for 15 minutes. Remove the cap, comb the hair and rinse it thoroughly with water.
In the salon, use a heat source to intensify the action of the mask and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the condition and type of hair.
In addition, help yourself to perform a massage at the root to hollow the hair and another in the middle and ends to seal the cuticle.

TIME TO DETOX is formulated with trehalose, botanical extracts, and coconut oil.
Trehalose is the reason the resurrection plant survives in environments as extreme as deserts, protecting it from dehydration. In hair, trehalose has great moisturizing and protective properties.

Botanical extracts made up of a complex of 10 oriental plants such as Korean Angelica, Chinese Black Centaura, Mulberry Extract and Black Sesame Seeds with powerful antioxidant properties that provide a detox, revitalizing and purifying action to the hair. Coconut oil known for its nourishing properties, Coconut Oil repairs damage caused by wear and tear and sun exposure. Fights frizz, restores natural shine and fortifies hair structure.

Hair purified 62%
Increases natural hair protection by 55%
Improves hair health and vitality by 70%

SIZE: 1X30ml 4x30ml