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Montibel·lo Colour Resurrection Ice Pearl (150ml)

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Color Resurrection is a color and shine enhancing treatment that resuscitates color by restoring lost hues and shine or revealing a new color to light blonde hair seeking a temporary touch of color. It nuances, corrects and adds cold iridescent reflections to colored, bleached and light blonde hair.

A weekly treatment to maintain the color as the first day or provide temporary colored veils.
1. WASH hair with TREAT NATURTECH Shampoo.
2. RINSE and remove excess moisture with a towel.
3. APPLY the product and leave the recommended exposure time (between 3 and 10 minutes depending on the intensity desired)
4. RINSE abundantly and proceed to styling.

A perfectly balanced formula with antioxidant agents, conditioners and ionic colorants that help minimize color wear to restore hydration, reflection and shine to the hair.

Keep the color as the first day or beautify the hair with temporary colored veils.

Keep the color as the first day:
Recovers the richness of color nuances.
Neutralizes unwanted undertones.
Protects the color by reducing its oxidation
Revives the luminosity and the natural cold reflection.
Returns the softness of a well-groomed hair.

Beautify hair with temporary colored veils:
Provides depth and shine to natural hair.
Add a temporary trend touch to light blondes while respecting the hair as much as possible.
Beautifies the color and makes it soft.

SIZE: 150ml