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Saponificio Varesino established in 1945 in Brebbia (VA), near the shores of Lake Maggiore. Perfecting the crafting method through new processing techniques Saponificio Varesino is still an excellent producer of laundry soaps, toiletries, flaked and industrial. Still retaining the old method of saponification of Marseilles, now heritage of increasingly rare soap factories, stands out today for its ability to meet any need with basic products of the highest quality brands for third-party customers.
Experience, patience, attention to detail. These are just a few requirements that the soap maker owns, when the saponification is not intended as a chemical process, but a crafting process where the management electronic tools are not needed, since it's the man who makes the soap. Knowing how to properly assess the consistency of the base, and then test the balance of the raw materials with the aid of a steel trowel, enhance the skill and experience of the handcrafted-soap maker who creates and works every single 12.000 kg boiler.

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47 Item(s)