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8 things you (maybe) don't know about us.
1. Our Mission. should you choose to accept it. Life’s too short to spend it in front of the mirror! That’s why we offer accessible, easy-to-use and fun cosmetics for all... It’s really not that much to ask for.
2. Innovation. We are always on top of the beauty game so our products are dope enough to Instagram but they still get the job done for you. We are constantly coming up with new ideas!
3. We love nature and combine natural extracts with advanced active ingredients as a "secret sauce" in all our cosmetics. Leaving those yucky chemicals off your skin, because clean cosmetics are in.
4. Beauty for All. We believe that beauty is for everyone no matter how many followers you have, Belle Azul keeps you looking fabulous without breaking the bank.
5. From Barcelona to you! Our city inspires us and we want to share it with you. Barcelona is a hip and amazing city with beachy Mediterranean vibes and a charming natural style just like we made our products for you!
6. Natural Charm. Born in a city nestled between some unreal mountainscapes and the glistening Mediterranean Sea, we naturally have a crush on all things natural, BEAUTY included. Because we know that you truly look the best when you feel comfortable in your own skin.
7. Cosmopolitan Inspirations. With as many nationalities, as employees, Belle Azul gathers true cosmopolite life lovers who work together to create fun and flirty cosmetics for women all around the world.
8. Cruelty Free. Make up is for humans not animals. We do not and will never test any of our cosmetics on animals, pinky promise. As nature lovers, we respect nature and all its inhabitants.

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