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Simone G. 61 Ant-Hair Loss DNA + Pollen with Tricopeptides+8 Vitamins & Amino Acids (10x10ml)

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The life cycle begins in the hair bulb papilla after germination produces layers of keratin cells that determine the hairline. It grows between an inch and half an inch per month, its life cycle varies from 3 to 5 years, at the end of which the hair is completely blocks and produces a new papilla germination whence another new hair.

The hair loss problems are very common in both men and women, it can be given by internal or external factors depending on each person. There are many types of alopecia: Areata (produced by nervous system factors and to a lesser extent, viral processes), Diffuses (incipient menopause, post-partum, post-traumatic states, thyroid problems, etc..), Androgenetic (due to genetic factors - heredity or hormonal dysfunction). Also frequent seasonal hair loss, which in the spring and fall undergoes a process of molting, this hair loss is normal, but, if unchecked, can lead to capillary dysfunction develops a major problem.

(Desoxyribonucleic acid) Genetic activator/ life factor.
It helps to maintain the total functionality of hair follicle, avoiding mistakes in the proteins formation.

Vitamin complex formed by vitamins B2,B6,B12,H,A,E, and panthotenol, exerts an important revitalizing action over hair follocle.

The zinc acts as a natural inhibitor of the enzyme 5-Alpha-reductase, this one, is involved in the production of the DHT (Dehydrotestosterone). Similar both in men and in women.

Natural Product extremely rich in proteins. Tones up the metabolism of hair follicles. High nutritive power. Reduces seborrhoea production.

Moisturizing factor. It balance the skin's pH.

It promote to the development of the hair and slow down the appearing of the seborrhoea.
Formed by vitamins, enzymes and sulphuric amino acids, specially cistine.

Syloxanes with disulphur linkage that help to repair broken cystine bridges. This product acts both on the surface and beneath the surface of cappillary stem, producing hair's regeneration and adding it beauty, shine and volume.

The joint action of the compounds of this product, its properties of renewal, regeneration and activation; makes it a singular product with a poli-function never seen till today: Hair loss, damaged, split or burned hair, anemic hair bulbs. DNA+POLLEN is indicated in any diagnosis involving a diffucult resolution.

Apply this treatment twice a day, every day during three months; after this time, leave the treatment during two weeks and repeat the process again.

SIZE: 10x10ml

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