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Simone G. 46B Anti-Grease 12 Herbs Forte (125ml)

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Seborrhea is a problem whose origin lies inside but its detection is usually on the outside. Seborrhea usually is felt on the skin and hair follicle when the bag is full but there seborreas as apparent that although there is a localized seborrhea on the outside, inside is non-existent. Seborrhea is usually caused by overactive sebaceous glands, they secrete more fat than usual. In case of seborrheic dermatitis (poorly demarcated red plaques with greasy scales attached and irritation with excess sweating) never say we can cure it, in any case will look with our treatments soothe and calm, but not cured.

Shock Treatment anti-fat, total elimination Fat Seborrhea and Dandruff.
12 Herbs Forte is a lotion that completely eradicates seborrhea and greasy dandruff (Pityriasis Esteatoide).
A spectacular results, adds full compatibility with all types of treatments, so it does not cause allergies of any kind.

Apply 3 times per week, mornings only, massaging the scalp thoroughly with fingertips from left to right in a circular fashion.
Usually the first week of applying the desired result is obtained.
We recommend completing treatment with Cream Anti-Grease Shampoo (references 17 and 42).

For maximum effectiveness of treatment can also be applied as a mask: Mix in a bowl Dermo-capillary Mask (References 28 and 219) with 12 Herbs Forte, apply directly to the scalp (as if applying a dye) and let on for 20 minutes, then wash hair. Perform a weekly dirty head.

SIZE: 125ml

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