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Simone G. 3 Anti-Dandruff Herby Treatment Tonic (200ml)

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Dandruff is visible excessive flaking and scalp due to quick regeneration of epidermal cells. This is a necessary and natural process to eliminate dead cells while forming new ones, at normal conditions nobody will notice.

The skin renews itself continuously, the instant we see an excess of desquamated cells, we are undoubtedly facing a scaly process. Pityriasis term is used to denote trichology exfoliation of epidermal cells of the stratum corneum, which is more commonly known as dandruff. There are two types of Pityriasis, the Pityriasis Simplex Capitis (dry dandruff) and Pityriasis Esteatoide (greasy dandruff).

Herby treatmetn is elaborated with group of plants chosen with the results of a dermic action product. Totally natural not contains. Active chemical. Polyvalent treatment. Antidandruff treatment: it is its first one, but not only one, utility; it reduce rapid and incredibly the dandruff production, acting deeply in the pore. Herby treatment redices itches and blotches in scalp and prossesses an extraordinary germicide and bactericide efect.

It act intensively from the bulb up to the hair's root, giving force to poor hairs that have tendency to suffer of split ends.

For adding (12c.c). To any perm for improving perms.
In the first case, itacts of intensive protector; in second, applyng previously 16cc, the perm finishes earlier.

Four weekly applications.

SIZE: 200ml

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