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Simone G. 217 Anti-Hair Loss Younger Vitae Shampoo (200ml)

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The life cycle begins in the hair bulb papilla after germination produces layers of keratin cells that determine the hairline. It grows between an inch and half an inch per month, its life cycle varies from 3 to 5 years, at the end of which the hair is completely blocks and produces a new papilla germination whence another new hair.

The hair loss problems are very common in both men and women, it can be given by internal or external factors depending on each person. There are many types of alopecia: Areata (produced by nervous system factors and to a lesser extent, viral processes), Diffuses (incipient menopause, post-partum, post-traumatic states, thyroid problems, etc..), Androgenetic (due to genetic factors - heredity or hormonal dysfunction). Also frequent seasonal hair loss, which in the spring and fall undergoes a process of molting, this hair loss is normal, but, if unchecked, can lead to capillary dysfunction develops a major problem.

Younger vitae by simone is conceived as essential treatment in hairs and young and delicate skins, which age of the user is understood between the 0 and 18 years, since it is a compound with all the properties that the hair needs: nutrients, regenerators and revitalizer, forallkinds of fair-haired and sensitive hairs.
It contains all the vital contributions for the hair that integrate in our treatment and, naturally, the cetotransdecenedioic acid that is the substance that is in major quantity in the food of the young larvas of bee from 3 until 3 days and a half.

Regenerator and stimulator of the capillary structure, leaves the hair perfectly silky, conditionated, softand with volume.

SIZE: 200ml

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