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Salerm Hair Color Magic Bleach (500grs)

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Salermvision Magic Bleach
A new idea for hair lightening based on a progressive effect that provides perfect results, giving hair a more uniform coverage.
It contains a balancing formula and has an odor-neutralizing fragrance.

Although different consistencies are require depending on the technique to be applied, in order to obtain a homogeneous paste and uniform lightening effects it is advisable to mix 1 measure of bleach with 50 ml to 100ml of Salerm oxidant (depending on the desired consistency). Please take any chemical hair product to your professional hair stylist. This product is for professional use.

Using a completely clean brush, mix the product with Salerm oxidant cream in a non-metallic bowl until a homogenous, consistent mixture is obtained, suitable for the technique to be applied.

20, 30 or 40 Vol oxidant, depending on the degree of lightening you wish to achieve. Leave the mixture on the hair from between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the progress of the bleaching work and the condition of the hair. After bleaching, rinse thoroughly with warm water and then wash with Salerm Protein Shampoo.

SIZE: 500grs