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Periche Personal Oxidizer (950ml)

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Personal Oxidizer is an oxidizing emulsion in cream that treats the hair fiber to apply oxidation products, with stabilizers to keep all its properties in perfect condition.
It is characterized by obtaining softer and fluffier mixtures perfectly emulsified and easy to penetrate the hair. Contains argan oil and keratin.

Personal Oxidizer 10 vol. 3% ideal for applying natural tones or for greater coverage of white hair.
Discolored to apply gentle lightening techniques.
Also for application with less long lasting.

Personal Oxidizer 20 vol. 6% ideal for applying dark and medium tones or for soft bleaching or reflections.

Personal Oxidizer 30 vol. 9% ideal for applying light or extra light tones with a higher level of lightening.
In discoloration to apply lightening techniques with results of light or very light tones.

Personal Oxidizer 40 vol. 12% ideal for applying lightening or super lightening tones to obtain a higher level of lightening.
In optimal bleaching to apply extreme lightening techniques without affecting the health of the hair fiber.

Contains hydrogen peroxide. Avoid contact with eyes.
In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. Wear suitable gloves.

SIZE: 950ml