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Manic Panic Classic Raven (118ml)

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Semi-permanent fantasy hair dye Manic Panic Raven, black color, made of natural components (vegan vegetable ingredients) high quality and without ammonia. It is applied without peroxide and is free of parabens and PPD.
It stands out for its perfect finish, since at the same time it colors your hair with great vividness and intensity, it works as a conditioner.

1. Make sure you have thoroughly washed all the bleaching product with shampoo before dyeing, as the residues may prevent the color result from being satisfactory. Rinse well to remove all residue.
Dry it later.
The hair must be completely clean and dry before applying the dye.

2. Use rubber or plastic gloves for the application of the dye.
Use Vaseline, baby oil or any protective cream on the contours of the forehead and ears to prevent skin spots.

3. Pour the desired amount into a container: half of a bottle for short hair; an entire boat for long hair (indicative amounts).
The preparation is ready to use, so it should NOT be mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

4. With the help of a dye brush, apply liberally throughout the hair.
It should not be applied on the scalp, but from 1 centimeter away from it.
Saturate the hair completely and spread it evenly in the direction from root to tip with a brush or comb until it becomes foamy.
This will indicate that the dye has been completely absorbed.
Lighter shades may require more styling time for maximum penetration and a more lasting effect.

5. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and let the dye work for 40 minutes at normal room temperature.
If you apply heat, the waiting time will be reduced by about 5/7 minutes.
The application of heat will also help to achieve a greater intensity in the coloration as well as a longer duration of the dye in the hair. In case of resistant hair, it is advisable to let the dye work for 60 minutes or more.

6. Rinse the hair with cold water until the water is almost clear, avoiding contact with the face and body.
Due to the restructuring nature of the Manic Panic dyes, it is not necessary to apply any subsequent product.

SIZE: 118ml