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Lendan PlexForte Oxiblue (1000ml)

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An activating emulsion with highly effective oxidating power and maximum respect for the hair fiber.
Especially designed for lightening processes, highlights and high-lift hair color thanks to its color-toning effect.

Corrects brassy orange and yellow hues.
Maximum blond definition.
Improves color results of harsh, high-lift lightening processes.
Maximum respect for the hair fiber.

Balanced color toning and maximum lift.
Hydrolyzed keratin: Hydrolyzed keratin is extraordinarily effective for hydrating hair deep down to improve texture and feel.
Its low-molecular-weight composition allows it to be easily absorbed by the hair for best results..
Flaxseed oil: Natural oil rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids with a nourishing and regenerating action on the scalp.
Flaxseed oil has been used since ancient times as a natural way to stronger and shinier hair.
Macadamia Oil: Has a high monosaturated fatty acid content with multiple benefits.
It has a nourishing and softening action and is the ideal vehicle for colorpigment penetration.
Rice Bran Oil:Comes from the outer husk of rice grains and is loaded with protein.
It gives the hair greater elasticity, reinforces the scalp fibers and prevents breakages.

High lift and maximum protection: Mix in a ratio of 1+2 POWER DECO lightening powder to OXI BLUE (40g + 80g / 1.4 oz. + 2.8 oz.).
The mixing order is important. First mix the lightening powder with the developer, then add the oil last. Changing that order can hamper the effectiveness of the lightening process.

Maximum lift: Mix from 1+3 up to 1+2* lightening powder POWER DECO with OXI BLUE (40g + 80 – 120g / 1.4 oz. + 2.8 oz. – 4.23 oz.).
The system can be used in a ratio of 1+2 on resistant hair which requires a high lift result.

SIZE: 1000ml