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Lendan PlexForte Blond Control Oil (650ml)

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Color correcting oil that helps to stabilize the reaction and modulate the lightening action as well as combating unwanted reflects.
Developed with the strengthening technology, of proven efficiency, used in the PLEX FORTE treatment.

Maximum care for the hair fiber during strenuous lightening processes.
The potential for effective lift combined only with the developer on virgin hair.
Even results.
Prevents unwanted hues.
Controlled lift throughout.

Sodium PCA: An organic compound also present on our bodies as part of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). It acts as a barrier, protecting the skin and hair, preventing moisture loss and keeping the hair hydrated. Lactic acid: A substance found naturally on our skin. Has a pH regulating and correcting action that ensures optimum balance. Essential amino acids: Formulated with more than 11 essential amino acids that enhance protection and boost hair strength Violet pigment: Pure violet color pigment with high neutralizing power which helps to counteract the unwanted hues that can appear during the lightening process.

High lift and maximum protection: Mix in a ratio of 1+2 POWER DECO lightening powder to OXI BLUE (40g + 80g / 1.4 oz. + 2.8 oz.).
The mixing order is important. First mix the lightening powder with the developer, then add the oil last.
Changing that order can hamper the effectiveness of the lightening process.

Maximum lift: Mix from 1+3 up to 1+2* lightening powder POWER DECO with OXI BLUE (40g + 80 – 120g / 1.4 oz. + 2.8 oz. – 4.23 oz.).
The system can be used in a ratio of 1+2 on resistant hair which requires a high lift result.

SIZE: 650ml