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Keenwell Skin Confort Essential Shock Cream (50ml)

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A cream of medium emollience and fast absorbtion that leaves a silky film on the skin.
Active principles
SHEA BUTTER An emollient rich in unsaturates that increases the epidermal regeneration and is a powerful soother of chemical and environmental aggressions.
MEADOWFOAM OIL This is an oil rich in long chain fatty acids (C20-C22), which gives it great substantiveness with the skin, increasing the barrier effect and avoiding transepidermal evaporation.
DULCEMIN: Amandoglobulins obtained from sweet almonds. Thanks to their molecular weight, they are similar to collagen, it leaves a protective film that increases immediate moisturzing and corneal layer in a long term. It softens and repairs sensitive skin and increases resistance to environmental agressions.
SK-CERAMIDE A liquid crystal ceramide concentrate that restores and repairs skin lipid barrier and improves the bioavailability thanks to its lamellar structure. Protection against dehydration and flaking typical of dry skins.

Product functions
It improves the superficial moisturizing.
It restores the lipid barrier, thus preventing dehydration.
It improves cutaneous comfort.

How to use
Apply each day in the morning or evening with massages from the centre of the face to the temples until completely absorbed.

The skin will be soft and moist will be long lasting, skin scratches will decrease, irritations will decrease and flaking will disappear. A great feeling of cutaneous comfort.
Packaging 50 ml