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Keenwell Premier Basic Premier Radiance Eclat Demake-Up Milk (200ml)

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Cleansing emulsion.

Active principles
KIWI WATER: Plant water extracted without chemical processes from its fruit, rich in essential oils, oligoelements, vitamins and minerals salts which are biocompatible with the intercellular plasma, so enabling a homeostatic balance with this to be maintened. It has a high vitamin C content which has antioxidant and skin-brightening properties.
SHEA BUTTER: An emollient rich in unsaturates, which increases local capillary circulation so enabling the re-oxygenation of tissues and improving the removal of metabolic waste. It has a great scar-healing capacity and is a powerful soothing agent for chemical or environmental aggressions.

Product functions
It gently removes skin impurities.
It softens the skin and makes it much brighter.

How to use
Apply daily using gentle movements on the face and neck, emulsifying secretions and left-over make-up.
Remove the remains with lukewarm water or a tissue.

Perfectly clean, radiant and bright skin.
Packaging 200 ml bottle.