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Keenwell Aquasphera Misturzing Day Cream (80ml)

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Fresh and fast absorption emultion with UV radiation protective vegetable oils. Active principles
RICE OIL: Omega 6 and Omega 9 rich polyunsaturated fatty acid oil. Rice oil has as well a high content of powerful antioxidant such as E vitamin, Orinazol and Ferric acid. Besides Orinazol and Ferric acid they are both absorving ultraviolet light (foto-protective effect). Rice fitosterole have great anti inflammatory properties which radically dimishes skin redness caused by environmental causes.
SPECIAL MODIFYED CORN OIL: Modifyed glycol triesters coming from natural corn oil very rich in Linoleic and palmitic acids. Anti inflammatory properties decongestive and anti redness.
CANOLA OIL: Natural antiredness liquid emollient. Having a high content of Tocopherol and Fitoesterole Diminishes skin stress caused by UV radiation and environmental pollution.
YOYOBA ESTERES: Coming from natural bush seed oil, yoyoba has a powerful emollient action that increases moist on skin avoiding dryness.
CONCENTRATE DMS: Natural origin Ceramide 3 concentrate that restores and restructure natural lipid skin barrier.
SODIUM HYALURONATE: Low molecular weight ingredient. Thanks to its small dimensions is able to penetrate in depth on skin. Its boosts macromolecule extracellular matrix mould increasing skin elasticity and water power retention.

Product functions
Moisturizes and reinforces skin through reparing skin natural barrier function.
Powerful antioxidant effect that avoid premature skin ageing and wrinkle formation.
Increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
Anti inflammatory, anti redness and decongestive features.

How to use
Use it in the morning on proper clean skin.

Soft, protected and full nourished skin.
Tamaño 80ml