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Hipertin Utopik Dye (60ml)

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Utopik is a range of cream hair colours, balanced and with a high dose of hair treatment, which is considered to be one of the best hair colours in the world. Maximum grey coverage, together with long-lasting and well-defined colours and an extremely wide range of tones have made it the main tool for the best hairdressing professional in the world.

Within this wide range of tones, we would like to make special mention of our Utopik Red line, which thanks to components such as “Vibracolor” achieve a spectacular finish, and the range of Superlighteners, Utopik Blond, which achieves impressive heights in terms of tone.

Formulated on a highly developed cutting-edge cosmetic base, among which we can highlight the maximum concentration conditioner “Cetrimonium Chloride”, which gives hair softness and shine, and the fact that Utopik has one of the lowest percentages of ammonia on the market (maximum 1.9%).

Utopik colouring creams are mixed in a proportion of 1:1, with the exception of the Blond line, which has to be blended in a proportion of 1:2, with our Utopik-OX or Hiper-Ox oxidants.

Apply the product to the mid-length and ends, starting at the back and working towards the front.
Apply the tint to the roots, following the same technique as before.
Leave the Utopik colour to act for 30 minutes after completing the application. For Utopik Red the time is 35 minutes. And for Utopik Blond the time should be 45 minutes.
It is essential to keep to these exposure times.

Spread the tint over the roots, starting at the back and working towards the front.
Leave on for a maximum of 30 minutes. For Utopik Blond we will use a time of 45 minutes.
At the colouring professional’s discretion, the ends can be redone or a water emulsion applied in the case of Utopik Blond.

Colour-treated hair is that which has been previously dyed.
If the hair has to be dyed again and it is darker than the shade chosen or has a different undertone, it will be necessary to first of all perform cleaning or stripping (decolouring).

SIZE: 60ml