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Hair Solutions Hair Fibers (25gr)

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Magic exists.
Densify your hair in just 30 seconds.
Cosmetic hair solutions to disguise hair loss effectively.
The hair fibers Hair Solution acts as a natural hair densifier in order to disguise the small signs of baldness.
Always at the forefront of research, our hair fibers are composed of a formula that offers great advantages over conventional keratin fibers.
Our goal, that you can decide your image.
Our fibers make the difference, undetectable to the touch and sight.
Vegetable origin, 100% natural.
Greater adhesion than keratin fibers.
Durability, they are fixed to the hair until the next wash.
Less waste than conventional fibers.

Hair Solution hair fibers are made from cotton fibers from Africa The Gossypium herbaceum grows in the arid regions of Morocco and its filaments have properties very similar to human hair, both to the touch.
The operation is very simple, cotton fibers are negatively charged, while human hair tends to be positively charged.
This causes both charges to attract each other, making hair and fibers blend perfectly.
Therefore, the effectiveness and adhesion to the hair of Hair Solution hair fibers is much higher than conventional keratin fibers.

Hair fibers are recommended to effectively disguise the following states of hair loss regardless of the causes.
Little hair in some areas.
Low hair density.
Occasional loss of abundant hair.

Spray the hair fibers from the bottle to dry hair in the light areas, and massage gently with the fingers.
To increase the adhesion even more, lacquer can be used.

SIZE: 25g