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GoldWell Elumen (200ml)

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Elumen by Goldwell, the hair dye that makes you enjoy an intense semi-permanent color even after 10 washes, is 100% respectful with your hair since it does not contain oxygenated water nor ammonia. With a treatment based on the application of 5 different hairdressing products, you will get an incredible color. We explain everything to you then, do not lose detail!

In the following article we will not only teach you the properties that Elumen exerts on your hair and the results that it leaves on it, we will also give you the keys for a correct application of this dye.

If you dye your hair again and again but you are not satisfied with the final results and you are looking for something more than a simple color change wanting your hair to look healthy and radiant there is no doubt: Elumen, by Goldwell, is your star product, What are you waiting to try it?

The formula of Elumen is unique because unlike most dyes that use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to change the tone of your hair, it seeks to obtain the same results but only through the use of ions. This makes the color pigments "adhere" to your hair fiber and the result is much more durable getting a brightness 76% higher.

But aside from hair dye, Elumen, from Goldwell, works as a hair repair treatment. Porous areas of hair diffuse the light of crushed hair and Elumen penetrates the interior of these areas improving the structure of your hair.

The potential of this Elumen fantasy dye is that the pigments it uses are already developed and do not develop in the hair, causing your hair structure to recover.

1.- Hair color: This is the pure pigment that will color your hair. It does not require developer type oxygenated water or anything like that,
it is applied directly on your hair.
2.- Elumen Lock: It is a product that is applied after coloring and serves to fix the color in your hair.
3.- Elumen Return: It serves to eliminate a previous Elumen dye before putting another different color.
4.- Elumen Prepare: In sensitized hair it balances the ions so that the dye adheres in mediums and ends. It makes the color last longer even if we wear wicks or discolorations. Indispensable if your hair is damaged by the use of appliances with heat or chemicals. Except the Return, the first time you should buy all. Clean will last you a lot and Prepare & Lock also.

1.- Wash the hair with Elumen Wash to charge it with ions and remove remains of other products that may exist in the hair.
2.- Dry it with a dryer (it is recommended not to touch it much and especially not to use plastic combs to avoid changing the polarity of the hair).
3.- Apply to the part of the bleached hair Elumen Prepare.
4.- Dry the hair again with the help of the dryer and without combing it. Do not touch it too much.
5.- Apply the chosen color or colors (Hair Color) without reaching the root (do not use Vaseline or dye protectors).
Be careful because Elumen stains a lot and leave for 30 minutes.
6.- After this time, return to wash the hair with Elumen Wash.
7.- Seal the color with Elumen Lock. Apply all over the colored area and let it act exactly 5 minutes (never exceed this time, just leave it for 5 minutes).
8.- Then rinse abundantly with water and comb and dry as usual.
This proposal by Goldwell using the 4 Elumen products will allow you to obtain incredible results.

SIZE: 200ml