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DNA Wax Caster 500CC

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Transparent cover 360º heating coil for a fast wax meltdown break resistant plastic lid.

The device must be connected anly to an alternating current socket of the voltage specified on user's manual.
Never put the device into water or in other liquids.
Never use this device near bath tubs, showers, in very dump places or containers full of water, where aerosols or oxygen is used, it can be dangerous even if the device is switched off. For this reason, always unpluy the device after use.
Do not use the device if it is defective, it is dropped or the power cord is damaged. If the device breaks down and/or works incorrectly, switch it off and do not tamper with it. For any repairs, contact only a technical service centre authorized by the manufacturer and request the use of original parts. If the power cord is broken, cut or damaged, immediately contact a technical service centre to change it.

Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, unplug the device from the socket.
Do not roll the power cord around the device.
Never unplug the device by pulling on power cord or device itself.
Do not touch the device wken hands or feet are wet.
Do not use the device with bare feet.
Keep the device away from children, incapables and person who are having a bath or shower.
To assure an additional protection, it is suggested to intall into the electrical circuit of bathroom, an approved differential switch wkich has a nominal operation power of less than 30mA.
Ask your technician for further details.
Do no place the heated iron on any soft surface, such as bad, carpet of towel.
Place only on hard, flat, heat-resistant surfaces.
Do not use, except with particular care, extensions in rooms with bath or shower.
No liability can be accepted for any damage caused by improper or non compliance use with these instructions.