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DermMatch Hair Make-Up (40gr)

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DermMatch is hair make-up made of natural ingredients.
DermMatch disguises or cloaks bald spots or areas with thinning hair.
It has several usages, the main one is to disguise areas with thinning hair.
It works on men and women alike, it works on any type of skin and hair.

DermMatch is easily applied, adds volume to your hair and covers your scalp to coincide with the color of your hair, covering thinning areas and bald spots. DermMatch is undetectable and makes the lack of hair and baldness unnoticeable. DermMatch will stay in your hair until you scrub it out with any type of shampoo.
What makes DermMatch different from other products is that it will not wash off through contact with water, DermMatch is water resistant!

DermMatch defies any type of weather conditions, no matter how bad they are. DermMatch is resistant to water, rain of any intensity, wind, snow and sweat.
You’ll be able to swim, dive, get wet in the rain, sweat or practice any type of sport without fear of DermMatch washing off. It’s safe to swim and dive at the beach and in swimming pools, DermMatch is perfectly water resistant. With DermMatch, unforeseen rain will not ruin your hairdo, nor will it stain or seep out. When performing physical activities or any type of sport, sweat will not wash DermMatch out of your hair. If you roll down your car window or you find yourself in a strong wind, DermMatch will not be blown away from your hair. No unexpected wind will be able to ruin your hairdo. Feel protected 24 hours a day with DermMatch.

DermMatch is made with natural ingredients, plants that are beneficial for your health, some of them sooth and hydrate the skin. Some, like the Saw Palmetto, are used as a natural remedy against hair loss. The natural botanic ingredients of which DermMatch is made allow to wear it day and night without any influence on your hair growth. DermMatch does not seal the hair follicles, so the scalp and hair roots breath normally. DermMatch contains safe coloring agents that do not affect hair growth nor do they cause any side effects or adversities.

DermMatch can be applied to a wet or dry scalp.
1. To apply DermMatch, wet the EZ applicator until it is moist but never soaking.
2. Rub the applicator lightly on the DermMatch disc until it is coloured.
3. Pass the EZ applicator with DermMatch over your scalp in the required areas.
4. Once you’ve coloured the areas that you desire, brush your hair as you normally would.
This will distribute the thickening agents throughout your hair, giving perfect coverage of your scalp.
Let DermMatch dry (less than 5 minutes). You can use a hair dryer to dry DermMatch.
If you have very short hair (close shaved), if you have curled your hair or permed it and don’t want to get it wet…you can apply DermMatch to dry hair.
Before the applied product has dried completely, comb your hair again to remove any excess. Now you’ll enjoy great volume!

DermMatch offers more ways of usage: DermMatch for beards and mustaches with irregularities or bald spots.
Also serves to provide more density to these areas. DermMatch for eyebrows. Is used to provide more density and color to sparsely populated eyebrows.
Very natural results are obtained. In case of depopulated eyebrows, DermMatch is used to design and fill the eyebrow. DermMatch for gray hair.
When DermMatch is applied to an area with gray hair or even one gray hair, it will gain coloring by eliminating the gray color.
DermMatch for the hair split. This is a perfect solution for all women who dye their hair, but shortly after the hair split shines through, giving away their actual color.
With DermMatch you can color the hair split, without having to dye all over again, just to cover the hair split.
DermMatch for scalp scars. Dermatologists, trichologists and specialists use DermMatch after hair restoration surgery to cover scars from wounds and operations.

DermMatch is available in 8 colours.
To choose the exact tone of DermMatch for your hair colour, look closely at the colour of the roots of your hair in less dense areas.
All DermMatch colours can be mixed to obtain new tones, achieve contrasts or highlights.

SIZE: 40gr