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D'Orleac Roll On Facial (110ml)

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The depilatory wax in ROLL ON is comfortable, practical and hygienic.
The innovative roll-on system of the depilatory wax leaves a thin layer of depilatory wax on the skin that cools immediately and is easily
removed with the high-density depilatory bands.
Depilation wax in roll-on is made with high quality resins, which makes it a bit more doughy than other waxes.
The melting temperature is a little higher.
Thanks to this, the pore softens and opens, so the sensation of pain when removing hair is much less.
Recommendations for waxing.
Depilatory wax temperature: The temperature at which the roll-on depilatory wax is applied is between 36-40ºC.
It's the right temperature for hair to come out easily.
Use the roll-on wax heater for the wax to warm up to the optimum temperature.
It uses post-depilatory products: its ingredients of inhibitory properties weaken the structure of the hair follicle and retard its growth so that the hair
takes longer to leave and is weaker.
Remove depilatory wax: use the post-waxing oil to refresh and soothe the skin.
The post-waxing oil also helps you to remove the depilatory wax, eliminating the remains of wax and helping to recover the good condition of the skin.
Do not sunbathe: We recommend you do not sunbathe after waxing.
Shower after waxing: When applying post-depilatory products it is advisable to wait about 3 hours before showering.