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Company founded in 1940. The story begins with Juan Bautista Julián, artisan, entrepreneur, innovator and passionate about shaving and personal care. In the beginning, a small workshop in the Ruzafa neighborhood in Valencia (Spain), serves as the headquarters to produce his first masterpieces: brushes and razors made by hand and completely by hand. With great skill and precision and through long hours of work, he perfected the elaboration techniques. All kinds of materials - woods, metals, resins and a wide variety of fibers and animal hair - were incorporated into the designs - the result, extraordinary tools of high precision and design that produced the best of shaves. While traditional barbers used their products, great personalities from all walks of life commissioned him, exclusive shaving sets, creating unique and extraordinary pieces for them.

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Catalog from Vielong for beard and shave care


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8 Item(s)