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Toppik is a hair makeup in the form of microfibers of organic keratin, a natural component of hair. It is applied to areas where hair is thin or thin to achieve a natural bulky appearance instantly. It can be used in both men and women. It is undetectable, even closely. Keratin fibers bind to the hair perfectly and remain firmly until the next wash, easily removed with any shampoo.
Toppik uses the highest quality keratin derived from a natural source of wool, the most identical to human hair. Toppik keratin has an innate electrostatic charge that makes it possible to adhere to human hair. In addition, Toppik keratin proteins have an optimal proportion of the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine ​​contains sulfide atoms, which have a tendency to form disulfide bridges (natural bonds between two sulfides). In this way too, Toppik naturally bonds with the natural fiber of the hair.

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