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SACHAJUAN is driven by the beauty of simplicity. When we launched our range, we felt that haircare was becoming too complex. We wanted to make things easier for our stylists and clients.
Our name originates from our founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind who combined their names to form SACHAJUAN when they started their Stockholm salon in 1997.
After experimentation with different brands without finding the desired performance or style, they introduced their first products in 2004 as a natural next chapter of their professional work and a reflection of the style and look of the salon.
The SACHAJUAN range was inspired by their ideas about how hair should look, feel and move, combined with their perspective on the industry and a desire to make hair care easy and understandable for stylists and their clients.
The salon environment is still the center of our product development, where our products are not only created, but used infinitely after. We only create products that perform perfectly for our daily professional work. We literally live with what we create. Today this development is guided by the sage experience of Creative Director Sacha Mitic.

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