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The founder, Björn Landén let his moustache grow and quickly he realized that, when there is more food in the moustache than on the plate, there must be something that can prevent this? Björn came to the conclusion that it was difficult to find great products to tame the whiskers. He simply decided to make his own moustache wax and so he pulled out the copper pot at home in the kitchen, and on that way it goes. The moustache grew and became a beard, and so did the product range and all the hairy friends. Eventually, all became one big family.
Mr Bear Family is Sweden´s first manufacturer of moustache and beard products for men in modern time.
In making the products, they only use natural ingredients and every product is handmade. The concept is to produce all-natural products without using chemicals additives or artificial mineral oils such as petrolatum (vaselin). All forms of tests with animals are strongly rejected.

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Catalog from Mr Bear Family, original Beard Brand of Sweden


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8 Item(s)