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Premana is a small town in northern Italy, situated near Lecco, and has been giving hospitability to KIEPE Professional since the 60s. Passion, innovation and technology meet here to create tools which the professionals in the field of “beauty” use and appreciate every day.
Through its choice to serve only the professional sector, KIEPE Professional aims to increase its own customers in a global perspective offering products which are not only cutting tools but also a more global range of articles to satisfy all demands.
In manufacturing its products, KIEPE has a precise objective: constant research in the field of materials, finishing, ergonomic forms and production technologies to satisfy, with its products, the different personalities you express working with professionalism and passion for people’s beauty and health. Your talent is our inspiration, your requirements our work.
In 2010 KIEPE Professional got from Regione Lombardia a recognition as “Pre-eminently Artisan” in the field of “typical and innovative handcraft” because of its ability to create tools unique of their kind and because of the technology used to realize them.

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57 Item(s)