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The formula for Carmex Classic Lip Balm remains faithful to Alfred Woelbing’s original 1937 formula. Carmex is made in batches and some ingredients are natural, so the scent and color of each batch may vary slightly; the effectiveness of our medicated lip balms will not.
We always work to include the highest quality ingredients in our formulas. The purity and consistency of our ingredients are, in some instances, better and more pure than they were years ago. This increase in quality can change some of the original characteristics of the ingredient. For instance, the lanolin of years ago was darker and sometimes smelled musty; today’s light-yellow lanolin is almost odorless.
If you purchase a Carmex product that you are not 100% satisfied with, we want to hear about it. We are also happy to replace any product that does not meet your expectations, or send you a refund if you provide us with proof of purchase. Learn more about our money-back guarantee.
Carma Laboratories uses only purified, high-grade ingredients in our cosmetic products. The ingredients used in Carmex products are always purified refined grades that are safe for use and meet specifications appropriate for their inclusion in pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics and a variety of personal care products.

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