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The will to create a line of products 100% made in Italy, whose strong Roots are tradition, top quality, research and development, innovation, style and creativity. The pride of carrying on a job invented in Italy and the intention to give all professionals in this field a line of products such as to be a tool to constantly increase the quality of their services.
In order to bring back the profession to its highest levels and create the best products on the market, we have chosen the best professionals and suppliers on the market, all top-quality and strictly made in Italy, designing an Italian-American route. Yes, because the Italian barbers who exported their profession to the United States in the past have been an example to follow.
From Roots Pomade to Swing Beard Oil, all that resulted in the establishment of Barber Mind can be seen and perceived, from the design of the products to the results on the hair and beards of those who try them.
The style of the pomade line is based on the “ink” world, that is tattoos, therefore the colours which characterize it are blue, red, white and black, the basic palette of any tattooist. Why? So strong was my desire to spread Barber Mind, that the logo became a tattoo first.
For the line of beard products, the source of inspiration was, instead, two music styles which were a breakthrough in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s: Bebop and Swing. Both styles were innovative in their times and allowed young people to both detach from the past and respect the roots of the earliest Jazz music. This is precisely what we are trying to do: to preserve connections with roots, while innovating and creating something new.

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