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OUR HISTORY: Asters is the story of a family with a passion for hair. Asters is a flower from Haute-Savoie, their place of origin, and they are the initials of their first names. The father has learned everything in the largest French cosmetic groups. After having participated in product launches in the world of beauty, he wanted to sign his own range. Far from being just another brand, ASTERS is a concentrate of experiences at the service of your hair: new formulas, a unique design, a high-performance industry and tailor-made development. Thanks to the combination of these ingredients, a true hair masterpiece is born.

OUR COMMITMENT: ASTERS is a great story and commitment to nature. We work constantly focused on responsible development aimed at enhancing the plant world that surrounds us. We carefully search for the best possible ingredient combinations in collaboration with our French laboratories. It is especially important for us to be able to offer products that are as close as possible to the authenticity that can be found in nature. The quality of French products is proven, that is why we are committed to a process of trust with our national suppliers and thanks also to their talent our products are born. Before reaching your hands, our products have a real history and traceability. We like to work respecting our environment and the deepest: ASTERS is also your story, using our elixirs.

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