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Barber Mind Barber Mind Ink Hair Pomade (100ml)

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Hey man, the first pomade of youth!
Barber Mind’s motto has always been Stand out!.
We believe that it is of paramount importance to stand out by creating unique products.
It is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, the basis of our work method.
The best expression of this concept is Ink pomade.
We thought it was a good idea to allow those with white hair to have a younger style thanks to a natural shading effect on their white hair.
Yes, Ink pomade masks white hair, but not in a permanent, aggressive and unnatural way, just as a dye might do.
Its effect is gradual, natural and not aggressive, since this incredible pomade is based on our Roots pomade, which is water soluble and contains Tsubaki oil.
This is how the first pomade of youth was devised.
Those who use it obtain the same effect as those whose hair is not white and use Roots pomade!
Ink, a suitable name, and more importantly a perfect conclusion for the Barber Mind’s pomade line, inspired by the tattoo world.
White hair masking effect, shine effect, average hold, water soluble, with Tsubaki oil.

SIZE: 100ml