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Alfaparf That's It Blonde Ambition Shampoo (250ml)


That's it Blonde Ambition shampoo is a shampoo for cold blond hair.
Pigmented shampoo formulated to neutralize unwanted reflexes and exalt the luminosity of cold blonde hair, both natural and colored.
Platinum hair, a trend that is on the rise! Platinum blond hair is a clear affirmation of character.
Bringing short, medium or long hair changes a bit; nothing makes you lose your head like an extra-clear blonde does.
A correct daily routine allows to enjoy not only blond hair extraordinarily clear, but also soft, luminous and with infinite reflections.
With BLONDE AMBITION neutralizes the unwanted yellow reflections and intensifies the brightness of cold blondes or platinum, both natural and dyed.

Reflective pearls manage to diffuse light from numerous angles, providing an infinity of unprecedented nuances.
Ceramic reinforcer nourishes the capillary fiber keeping it uniform.
Application after application, the cold reflections maintain the correct tonality, in addition to an incredible luminosity.
Product line Alfaparf That's It line gets a series of products that will make you proud of your gray, blonde or platinum hair, since this
Range is specially created for the care of this type of hair.
It is unique in products that rebel and takes all its pride to the gray and blond hair, both warm, and with cold reflexes.
Its formula is specially designed to revive those tones and show off radiant hair.
Whether your hair is natural or dyed.

Apply to damp hair, doing a uniform massage, then rinse with plenty of water.
If necessary, repeat the operation. To intensify the cold reflex, let act 2/3 minutes.
Complete your treatment with That's it Blonde Parade mask.
Mask for all types of blondes.
SIZE: 250ml