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Dikson Argabeta Oil

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Argabeta Oil is a hair care treatment that can be used in multiple ways.
It provides intense care, facilitates combing, prevents frizz and helps eliminate split ends.
The hair is more hydrated, soft and shiny. For all hair types.

Dikson Argabeta Oil treatment is an oil formulated from Argan oil and beta-carotene, elements that offer your hair the following properties:
Argan oil, rich in vitamin E (natural antioxidant), strengthens the hair and defends it from the action of free radicals.
Beta-carotene, in addition to strengthening the defense action against free radicals and aging, leaves hair stronger and healthier.

Apply a few drops of product on damp hair and distribute evenly after drying.
Argabeta Oil can be mixed with color to enhance the brightness of the highlights and achieve deep hair protection.
Distribute about 5 ml of product on the hair before applying the coloring or lightening cream.
Massage the hair thoroughly so that the product penetrates well. Not clarify.
Add 3-5ml of Argabeta oil to the dye mixture and apply it as a conventional dye, or as advised on how to use the dye.

SIZE: 30ml 100ml