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Alterlook Botanic Smoothing Onlys

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Onlys, the first botanical and vegan smoothing without shampoo of one-step. Alterlook Professional's development professionals are aware that clients have less and less time to devote to beauty treatments. In response to this reality, we present the Onlys line, the first botanical smoothing with vegan certification and without shampoo, faster, easier and in one step, which adapts to the needs of the client and guarantees the highest profitability for hairdressing salons.

Onlys is the first botanical and vegan hair straightening without shampoo, developed based on active plant ingredients such as ginseng and aloe vera.
The exclusive Onlys line aligns the hair fiber, smoothes, nourishes in depth and recovers the hair to eliminate frizz, restore its shine and natural softness.

Botanical Onlys Straightening has a protective action that takes care of the hair from external agents and helps its oxygenation to strengthen it, give it body and stimulate its healthy growth. Onlys is the only fast acting vegan straightener, without shampoo, that provides a natural straight that lasts 4 to 6 months.
Onlys is compatible with all hair types, including hair that has been dyed, bleached or treated with other straighteners.

A smoothing with active ingredients from plants, such as ginseng and aloe vera, as well as free of animal ingredients, which makes it a vegan proposal.
It also has citric acids that provide an astringent action, which cleans and opens the hair cuticle, allowing the smoothing action of the product without the need for preparatory shampoo.

The botanical smoothing Onlys was developed to be able to offer the client an exclusive service with all the quality of Alterlook Professional, but in half the time that other smoothing

Thanks to the unique composition of the botanical Onlys hair straightener and the powerful action of the citric actives, which clean and remove dirt, we achieve that the straightening actives penetrate into the hair fiber without the need of previous shampoos.
This way we achieve a perfect result faster, saving time for the professional and his clients.

Onlys is the first smoothing with the European certification V-Label, which certifies it as a 100% animal-free smoothing, and as a cosmetic line free of animal cruelty.

Onlys replaces animal-derived assets with plant components of equal or better performance: such as changing keratin to aloe.

Aloe is the best vegetable ingredient indicated for hair care, since its chemical composition is very similar to that of keratin, which is the main protein of hair, and its complex and amino acid constitution is identical to that of the hair follicle.

The V-Labe seall is the most important vegan certification in Europe. It is a registered and internationally recognised symbol for product labelling and is a simple and reliable guide for consumers seeking confidence, clarity and guidance.

SIZE: 500ml 1000ml